Why should one visit Opatija?

For a long time Opatija has been well known for its mild climate, pleasant nights and rich Mediterranean vegetation. It was well known as the favourite spa centre and summer resort for Austria-Hungerian royal families and noble men. They left behind a wealthy architecture that is simmilar to the one in Viena. The history is preserved in numerous villas, among which the best known is villa Angiolina and it’s garden with exotic plants, that keeps in its shade the symbol of Opatia Camellia. For everyone who enjoys walking, there is a sea promenade “Lungomare”. Modern times brought changes in terms of restaurants, hotels and casinos and therefore Opatija is often called “the croatian Monte-Carlo”.

Opatija is the city ideal for all, for both fans of good food, amusement and vacation.

To be convinced, please do visit us.

Many thanks, and we wish you a plesant stay in Opatija.